A biography of alphonse scarface capone

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Al Capone's hide-out

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Together his life, Capone would not claim his friends were acquired fighting in France during Marking War I. Al Capone Born of an immigrant family in Brooklyn, New York inAl Capone quit school after the sixth grade and associated with a notorious street gang, becoming accepted as a member.

STILL ANOTHER biography of the late Alphonse "Scarface" Capone has appeared ("Capone," by L. Bergreen, Simon and Schuster). In it, the author includes the story of Capone's four-month stay in.

Alphonse Gabriel Capone: Nicknames: Scarface Snorky The Big Fella King Alphonse Public Enemy No.

Biography of al Capone

1 Big Al: Height: 5' 10½" ( m) Mini Bio (1) Infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone was born in the tough Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn, NY, the fourth of nine children of Italian immigrants from Naples. Capone was a born sociopath. Alphonse “Scarface” Capone became a millionaire from bootlegging, prostitution, gambling, and racketeering.

His empire began when Capone worked under Johnny Torrio in New York. Torrio eventually moved to Chicago and Capone followed.

Al Capone's hide-out

Capone was married to Mary (Mae) Coughlin, and had a son, Albert Francis, who he nicknamed "Sonny"(Dictionary of American Biography). How "Scarface" got his name During his time as a bartender at Harvard Inn, a customer wielding a knife and Capone started a fight, which resulted in Capone getting a scar on his face (Al Capone and the Roaring.

AL CAPONE To further understand Al Capone, this paper includes a background about the man. The following paragraphs discusses the life and times of the infamous scarface, Al Capone. Named Alphonse Capone, he was given birth in Brooklyn, New York during the year

A biography of alphonse scarface capone
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