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The Colosseum: Emblem of Rome

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Roman Empire

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Fiction set in ancient Rome

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Did the perimeter judgment matter?. KNOW YOUR ROMAN NUMERALS. What a Roman Legionary needs to know in order to count in Ancient Rome. Study Well - There may be a Test! Roman Numerals was the standard numbering system and method of Arithmetic in Ancient Rome and Europe until about AD, when the Arabic Numbering System, which was originated by the Hindu's, came into use.

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The Cradle of Western Civilization

In what year did the Roman Empire come to an end? How many hills was Rome built on? From Julius Caesar to the city-state’s legendary founders, test your knowledge of ancient Rome in this quiz.

One way in which Ancient Rome and the USA are different is that in Rome only men could run for office and vote; in the USA both men and women can run for office and vote.

A second way in which Rome and the USA are different is in the leadership of the nation. In .

Ancient rome test
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