Chm096 tutorial 6 electrochemistry

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Tutorial 1: Electrochemistry

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Basics of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

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 CHM TUTORIAL 6 Mar (ELECTROCHEMISTRY) 1. Determine the oxidation number of the first name element in the following ions. a) Cr2O72 d) AsO33 b) SbF6 e) BaH2 c) MoO42 f) ClO4− 2. Determine whether each of the reactants shown in the following.

Links to programs and abstracts, tutorials and call for papers for the MRS Fall Meeting. 6 3. To use cyclic voltammetry to understand the electrochemistry of Co(NH 3) 6 3+. 4. To investigate the effects of electrode contamination on cyclic voltammetry.

Introduction Electrode Reactions and Electrode Capacitance Figure 1 describes the process that occurs in simple. Electrochemical engineering is the branch of chemical engineering dealing with the technological applications of electrochemical phenomena, such as electrosynthesis of chemicals, electrowinning and refining of metals, flow batteries and fuel cells, surface modification by electrodeposition, electrochemical separations and corrosion.

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A2 Physical Chemistry

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Chm096 tutorial 6 electrochemistry
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