Diagnostic accuracy of computed tomographic colonography

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Screening for Colon Cancer by Using a Computed Tomographic Scan Without a Laxative

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Computed tomographic colonography: Hope or hype?

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Computed Tomographic Colonography

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Abstract. Computed tomographic (CT) colonography has been recognized as an alternative for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in average-risk individuals, but less information is available on its performance in individuals at increased risk of CRC.

CT Colonography Reconsidered

Regge D. Accuracy of CT-colonography in subjects at increased risk of colorectal carcinoma: a multi-center study on 1, patients. Presented at annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Chicago, IL; November This article provides basic information about computed tomographic colonography (CTC) and reviews the preparation, methods, and tools required for the procedure.

The clinical uses for CTC (screening/diagnosis of colon cancer and colonic obstruction) are outlined, and its accuracy and validity are compared with other diagnostic methods. A summary of the benefits and risks of the test are. Optimized preload leakage-correction methods to improve the diagnostic accuracy of dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced perfusion MR imaging in posttreatment gliomas Hu, L.

S., Baxter, L. C., Pinnaduwage, Computed Tomographic Colonography. Radiation. Noise. Colon. Zalis ME, Blake MA, Cai W, et al. Diagnostic accuracy of laxative-free computed tomographic colonography for detection of adenomatous polyps in asymptomatic adults: a prospective evaluation.

Ann Intern Med ; – [Google Scholar]. Computed Tomographic Colonography Page 1 of 7 Computed tomographic (CT) colonography, diagnostic, including image post processing; without contrast material effectiveness, diagnostic accuracy, and harms of screening for CRC which included CTC.

Based on 7 studies of CTC.

Diagnostic accuracy of computed tomographic colonography
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