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What is an Educated Filipino person?

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The Filipino of today needs more of this power to translate reflection into action, I believe that we are coming more and more to the conviction that no Filipino has the right to be considered educated unless he is prepared to take an active and useful part in the work, life, and progress of our country as well as in the progress of the world/5(11).

The mayor said Rizal was the most educated few in Philippine history having studied not only in the county, but also in several countries, and spoke in many languages as an accomplished linguist that was rare during those times.

Summary: What is an educated Filipino?-Francisco Benitez-What is an educated Filipino and what qualities should distinguish him today? The conception of education and of what an educated man is varies in response to fundamental changes in.

What is an "educated person"? This topic has been discussed for years already, and it seems like till the end of my life, this topic will still be argued about.

I believe that most people, when being asked this question, would say that an educated person is someone who has grown up under a. I venture to suggest that the educated Filipino shouldfirst be distinguished by the power to do.

The Oriental excels inreflective thinking; he is a philosopher. The Occidental is thedoer; he manages things, men and affairs. The Filipino of todayneeds more of his power to translate reflection into action.

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