Einsteins theory of testing ethical axioms and science axioms

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The Scientific Method/Components of the Method

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I don't make I can call myself a definitive. Albert Einstein (14 March – 18 April ) was a German-born theoretical physicist. He is best known for his theory of relativity and specifically mass–energy equivalence, expressed by the equation E = mc2.

Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services to Theoretical. Nowadays, except for special relativity, theories and models in physics are empirical, non-deductive - they cannot be presented as a set of valid arguments built up logically from a small number of simple axioms (postulates).

Nov 14,  · In the thread about axioms of skepticism, we all seemed to have our own definitions of skepticism. There didn't seem to be one that all skeptics had in common. ON LOGICAL ANALYSIS OF RELATIVITY THEORIES 3 the twin paradox, and check which axiom is and which is not needed to derive it.

This kind of reverse thinking helps to answer the why-type questions. For details on answering why-type questions by the methodology of the present work, see [1, 12–], [30].

Albert Einstein

Science Education Programmes It is always noteworthy that all those who seriously study this science [the theory of numbers] conceive a sort of passion for it. -- Albert Einstein Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science.

Truth is what stands the test. Einstein's general theory of relativity is a theory of classical physics in which dynamical properties, like position & momentum or time & energy, are simultaneously defined for objects with exact precision.

Einsteins theory of testing ethical axioms and science axioms
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