External forces affecting cruise lines

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At some aspect passes, chains may be rented. Home › Samples › CCM Music Recording Company -- STEP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Five Forces. CCM Music Recording Company -- STEP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Five Forces. Customer base growth due to expansion of product lines (4 already, each year 2 new product lines emerge), and geographical coverage of listeners.

Working in the cruise lines favor is the likelihood that most people who are infected with Zika won’t even know it. The CDC says fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes are the most common symptoms.

Over the last decades, the modern cruise industry has responded to extensive market and consumer research with the presentation of innovative naval design concepts, new ship lengths, ever more exotic destinations around the globe, and new on-board and on-shore activities and themes, developed to offer a vacation alternative that satisfies the expectatives of everyone.

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CCM Music Recording Company -- STEP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Five Forces

The cruise line operates over 35 cruise ships, of which 14 operate under the Carnival brand, nine operate under the Holland America brand, f our operate under the Windstar brand, two operate under the Cunard brand, and four operate under th e Seabourn brand.

External forces affecting cruise lines
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The Cruise Industry: General Analysis and Overview