Firefox table cell border problem algebra

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ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server)

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Format a table

This shouldn’t be a problem with Chrome and Internet Explorer, but Firefox will probably ignore position:relative on your display:table-cell element, placing your. A Complete Guide to the Table Element There are some significant problems with using tables for layout though.

First, HTML tags mean things. As we covered, table elements semantically describe tabular data. In this case all table cells will have only one border width between them, rather than the two you would expect them to have.

One problem I'm running into is that some table borders won't be printed, although they are correctly displayed on screen.

I tried both Firefox and Chrome. Both display all table borders on screen, but omit some of the borders when printing. Now this seems pretty straightforward, create a table cell px wide and px high with a 6px border. As simple as it seems, it looks different in different browsers. In IE8 and google chrome the table cell is x px (so px inside and 6px outside).

However, Firefox will, once the container is displayed as table-cell, ignore the relative positioning, and the absolute children then search for the next parent (until root) that's position relative (and not set to display as table-cell.).

Firefox table cell border problem algebra
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