Ignorance of religion

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Maya (religion)

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In Will the office of other was perfected and did for all time. Nov 08,  · The idea that highly educated people are less religious, on average, than those with less education has been a part of the public discourse for decades, but some scholars of religion have called this notion into question.

Widespread public ignorance about religion is in some ways similar to political ignorance. But there are important differences between the two.

Ignorance Quotes

Religious ignorance is. Where religion is concerned, Donald Trump’s bigotry is his biggest problem, but his ignorance comes in a close second. We already know that Trump will say whatever he thinks will appeal to the. Religion.


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This is a collection of videos, mostly mine, that gives commentary and suggestions for improvement regarding public education, especially in the USA. I f you ever need much evidence that the growing “God gap” in American politics fosters an immense amount of ignorance and occasionally that “media powerhouses don’t quite get religion.

Ignorance of religion
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