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Just a few questions, Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch

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Senator Tom Harkin; Once bitten, twice duped

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Tom Harkin was born on November 19, in Cumming, Iowa, USA as Thomas Richard Harkin. He is known for his work on Dave (), Untitled Tom Harkin Project and Courting Des Moines (). He has been married to Ruth Raduenz since Born: Nov 19, The Healthiest State Initiative has announced that Senator Tom Harkin (Retired), who worked to keep individuals and families healthy for more than four decades in the U.S.

Congress, will deliver the keynote address at the Healthy Choices Count!

Democrat Tom Harkin Retiring From Senate

Iowa’s retiring U.S. Senator Tom Harkin tops the list. Harkin is worth $ million, according to the report. That ranks Harkin 33rd out of the members.

Connections: Former Senator Tom Harkin and the ROC EmployABILITY Conference

Most of Harkin’s total, the. Harkin was a senator from Iowa and was a Democrat. He served from to He served from to He was previously the representative for Iowa ’s 5 th congressional district as a Democrat from to Former Senator Harkin’s annual Steak Fry was a Democratic political institution in Iowa for nearly 40 years.

It had a national appeal as it drew presidential candidates to Iowa for Iowa. HARKIN, Thomas Richard (Tom), a Senator and a Representative from Iowa; born in Cumming, Warren County, Iowa, November 19, ; attended the public schools; graduated, Iowa State University, Ames ; graduated, Catholic University of America Law School, Washington, D.C.

; admitted to the Iowa bar in and commenced practice in Des.

End of the Beginning Iowa senator tom harkin
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