Knowledge superpower

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Knowledge Bestowal

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Science & Research

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Henry Pym (Earth-616)

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Climbing the Monkey Bars: Super Heroes. Check. the potential to become a knowledge superpower?

Knowledge Manipulation

I shall discuss the question of whether India is a knowledge-based economy, as that will allow us to ascertain if it can become a knowledge superpower.

I shall examine the key knowledge. Claircognizance or “clear knowing” is when you know something without reading or being told about it.

This is the metaphysical/psychic sense that allows you to know something is real or will be, though you have no way to back up this knowledge.

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It’s knowledge about knowledge. As a stakeholder to a machine intelligence project, even an introductory understanding of epistemology is a superpower. But this proposition is. His statement has lost nothing in terms of relevance and significance: Knowledge is power, and education is the fundamental precondition for political development, democracy and social justice.

Knowledge superpower
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