Mature red blood cells are also called

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Blood cell

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Functional Classification of Clotting Factors

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Red blood cell

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Complete blood count

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Functional Classification of Clotting Factors

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The blood smear is primarily ordered to evaluate blood cells when a CBC with differential, performed with an automated blood cell counter, indicates the presence of abnormal or immature cells. A blood smear is often used as a follow-up test to abnormal results on a complete blood count (CBC).

Red blood cell count The red cells, the most numerous of the cellular elements, carry oxygen from the lungs to the body's tissues. Blood - Red blood cells (erythrocytes): The red blood cells are highly specialized, well adapted for their primary function of transporting oxygen from the lungs to all of the body tissues.

Red cells are approximately μm (1 μm = inch) in diameter and have the form of biconcave disks, a shape that provides a large surface-to-volume ratio.

Red blood cells (RBCs), also called erythrocytes, are the most common type of blood cell and the vertebrate organism's principal means of delivering oxygen (O2) to the body tissues—via blood flow through the circulatory system.[1].

Erythropoiesis is the formation of Red Blood Cells. Discover the process that starts in the bone marrow and the role of erythropoietin. Read and learn.

Mature red blood cells are also called
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