Montessori directress

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Our Children’s Center Montessori School is conveniently located in State College, Pennsylvania, just minutes from The Pennsylvania State University. Directress / Founder. Mrs. Sharon has a Masters as well as a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Neumann University. She has also obtained her Montessori Certification from Montessori Centre International.

It is your child's first School !!

Sharon team teaches in the primary classroom, Poohville, with Mrs. Barbara. Aug 15,  · I love and enjoy being a Montessori Directress, because it is an experience and a learning curve for me through the children.

As a Montessori Directress I discover and become myself as the children discover and become themselves. Introduction to Language Language is a system of symbols with an agreed upon meaning that is used by a group of people. Language is a means of communication ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized sounds and signs, thus, being the spoken and written language.

Montessori and Early Education specialists in the Middle East, with Teacher Training Centres and Nurseries in Kuwait and Dubai.

Montessori directress
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