Movies a popular form of entertainment in america

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Entertainment in the 1910's?

Ineight players were dissatisfied by injuries related to duke. Movies. Many films still highly cherished today were created during the s. During that period, Walt Disney, the pioneer animator, produced films Americans loved to see.

One of his best known animations was the tale of the Three Little Pigs, originally produced in This is another of his that became a part of American culture. From tominstrel shows were the most popular form of entertainment in America.

White audiences in the 19th Century wouldn't accept real black entertainers on stage unless they performed in blackface makeup.

Movie theaters were great places for people to go to get entertainment. They could watch a movie and go out for supper, without having to worry about their children. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The most popular form of urban performance was the vaudeville show.

An evening at vaudeville might last two or three hours, as audiences watched nine or ten different acts, ranging from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy and acrobatics.


The most popular forms of entertainment include reading books,playing sports, dancing, playing games and having adventures withyour family, gardening, going to theater, listen ing to music. Silent movies were introduced to the people in and were an extremely popular form of entertainment.

It was so popular, it was the 3 rd leading business industry during the s. Inthe introduction of Technicolor made movies more entertaining and memorable.

Movies a popular form of entertainment in america
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What is the most popular form of entertainment