Nigerian law is a relic of colonialism

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Falana Accuses Buhari’s Govt Of Human Rights Violations

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Buhari’s govt committing same ‘violations’ of PDP administration — Falana

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Letter to Nigerian President Yar'Adua Regarding the 'Same Gender Marriage Bill'

This law - a relic of British colonialism - already violates Nigeria's international human rights commitments. The evident intent of this definition of same gender marriage in the new bill is to.

Relic or reformer? A Nigerian emir wants to take his ancient city into the modern era taking a break to study Islamic law in Sudan before being chosen in as the head of Nigeria’s. “The appeal filed against the judgment by the Inspector-General of Police was dismissed by the Court of Appeal which held that police permit was a relic of colonialism which cannot be justified under a democratic dispensation.


Human Rights Organizations Respond to Nigeria 'Same Gender' Bill at National Assembly Hearing

Islamic law, human rights and neo-colonialism Khaled Abou El Fadl My lecture will focus on the interface and tensions between the human rights tradition and the Islamic tradition, particularly Islamic law.

What is the `Islamic tradition` and, more particularly the Islamic legal tradition?

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Islamic law stands in a paradoxical position vis-à-vis the human-rights tradition. The Nigerian legal system, as we have it today, is a relic of the nineteen century British colonialism that imposed the Westminster legal system on the myriads of traditional legal systems of the various communities, clans, and tribes of indigenous peoples that inhabited the vast territory that would become the country Nigeria.

Buhari’s government has violated rights of Nigerians and their members – Femi Falana Nigerian law is a relic of colonialism
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Falana Accuses Buhari's Administration Of Human Rights Abuse