Problems on national unity in malaysia

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Greater Indonesia

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Greater Indonesia

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1 Malaysia and The Unity or Disunity of Races In Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR: The National Unity Consultative Council will be rebranded as the Consultative Council for People’s Harmony as part of efforts to enhance racial harmony in the country, the Dewan.

Apr 12,  · TOPIC 9 INTEGRATION AND NATIONAL UNITY • ByMalaysia should be a united country, have a confident society with firm morals and ethics, democratic, liberal and tolerant, caring, fair and have full. Malaysia: Ethnic Issues and National Security Khairul Anuar Shamsuddin Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract Malaysia society consists of multi ethnic citizens.

Solidarity, harmony and unity between ethnic is a vital agenda for the country's stability. to promote national unity which focusing on specific.

In addition, the blue colour of the national flag represents the unity of the different ethnics and races in Malaysia.

1 Malaysia and The Unity or Disunity of Races In Malaysia

During the month of August, the Jalur Gemilang is flown throughout the country, office buildings, private homes and vehicles to celebrate the National Day. The national unity issues in Malaysia also has been aggravated with inter-racial tensions, especially between the Malay majority with Chinese and Hindu Indian minorities, the problem that plagued Malaysian politics up until now.

national unity in Malaysia. The last part discusses the role of youths in promoting national unity and also the challenges that they would encounter in making this 1Malaysia concept a success.

Problems on national unity in malaysia
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