Substantive testing of cash for apollo shoes

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Substantive Testing: Cash, Receivables, Inventory And Fixed Assets

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Accordingly, the auditor may decide to decrease the amount of substantive testing, omit certain procedures, and/or schedule interim testing. Conversely, weak internal control will likely result in increased substantive testing, the need for additional audit procedures, and/or scheduling testing at or after year-end.

This next phase of the auditing process for Apollo Shoes Inc. (Apollo) is the designing of an audit program, which will detail substantive procedures for detecting irregularities in the accounts receivable, inventory, and fixed assets audit cycles.

Prepare justifications for substantive procedures by using the Apollo Shoes Casebook for detecting irregularities in each of the following audit cycles for accounts receivable. Moderation / Criticism / Exposition / Exposés David Aaronovitch.

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Substantive Procedures for Cash Outflow Irregularities Substantive Procedures for Cash Outflow Irregularities Apollo Shoes has recognized that there is a risk of loss due to irregularities in cash outflows, accounts payable, and payroll.

Substantive testing of cash for apollo shoes
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