The history of animal testing and its possible alternatives

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Is It Time to End Animal Testing?: How Technology Can Replace Animals

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Nosodes: Alternative Advantages to the Dangers of Conventional Vaccinations

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Facts About Animal Testing

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Alternatives to animal testing

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Alternatives to animal testing are the development and implementation of test methods that avoid the use of live animals. There is widespread agreement that a reduction in the number of animals used and the refinement of testing to reduce suffering should be important goals for the industries involved.

Two major alternatives to in vivo animal testing are in vitro cell culture techniques and. History of animal testing; History of model organisms; IACUC; Replacement refers to the preferred use of non-animal methods over animal methods whenever it is possible to achieve the same scientific aim.

History of animal testing

It aims at explaining alternatives to animal testing in a youth appropriate language and can be used in lessons straight away. Inthe 7th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences is held in Rome, Italy, and the EU cosmetics testing law now extends its ban to animal testing of cosmetic ingredients, as well as the marketing of cosmetic products whose ingredients have been tested on animals on or after March History of animal research.which provided a clearer guide to the use of animals in safety testing in the wake of the Thalidomide tragedy.

The number of animals used rose to over million in after which point the numbers began to decline rapidly. A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology (Jim Endersby) tells the story of modern.

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The history of animal testing and its possible alternatives
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