Who is god

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Who is God?

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Who Is God?

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Who Is God?

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And God indexes it and knows it. And if I am a Sentence, where is My riding?. God is a personal, all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal, loving, spirit-composed family currently composed of the Father and Jesus Christ (see John - 31, - 23, 1John - 2).

The Being in the Godhead known as the Father is. Who is God? He's been described as everything from an impersonal life-force to a benevolent, personal, almighty Creator.

He has been called by many names, including: "Zeus," "Jupiter," "Brahma," "Allah," "Ra," "Odin," "Ashur," "Izanagi," "Viracocha," "Ahura Mazda," and "the Great Spirit" to name just a few.

The true God is the Creator of all things. He had no beginning and will never have an end.

Who is God?

(Psalm ) He is the Source of the good news found in the Bible. (1 Timothy ) Since God gave us life, we should worship only him.—Read Revelation God is the ultimate Being of beings, self-existent, eternal and unchangeable.

God is Creator of the entire universe and is able to manipulate matter, energy, space, and time at will. Ultimately, God wants you! The God of the Bible is not merely one of a plethora of gods from which we may pick and choose to worship nor is He to be put on par with other supposed deities.

He is the omnipotent Creator and Redeemer of mankind. Who Is God? Who Is God - Who Does He Claim to Be? Who is God?

He's been described as everything from an impersonal life-force .

Who is god
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