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William Still

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William Grant Still

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Fighting, Judith Anne, Nelson J. William Grant Still () was surely the most important early African-American composer of serious music.

Born in the South, educated in Arkansas and in Ohio at Wilberforce and Oberlin (where a scholarship was arranged specifically for him), Still had a long and productive career in all aspects of American classical music.

WILLIAM GRANT STILL MUSIC CDs and other Recordings, Sheet Music, and Archival and Educational Materials THE MASTER-PLAYER LIBRARY (Links to the left) Books, DVDs, Music Gifts and Memorabilia TROUBLEDISLAND (Link to the left) About the first grand opera by an African-American.

Biographical notes on the life and career of American classical composer, William Grant Still.

William Grant Still

William Grant Still (May 11, – December 3, ) was an American composer of more than works, including five symphonies and eight operas. Often referred to as "the Dean" of African-American composers, Still was the first American composer to have an.

William Grant Still was born on May 11,in Woodville, Mississippi, the only son of William Grant Still Sr. and Carrie Lena Fambro Still. Still’s mother moved to Little Rock with her infant son shortly after the death of her husband in William Grant Still () was an African American composer, jazz arranger, oboist and conductor.

His "Afro-American Symphony" is one of the best known symphonies by a Black composer, and established him as a major composer. Stil's classical works included five symphonies, four ballets and nine operas. Among the many recordings of the "Afro-American Symphony" is Chandos.

William Grant Still William grant still
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